101 Ways to Pose | A Posing Guide by Christine Buzan
Have you ever stepped in front of the camera and had absolutely no idea what to do?

You are so in the right place.

I have the solution!

101 Ways to Pose is the ultimate digital posing guide for women that want to show up in pictures as the best version of themselves.

It’s perfect for entrepreneurs who have to be the face of their brand, beginner and expert bloggers, or women who just want to look great in photos!
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Does any of this sound familiar?
I Feel Awkward In Front of the Camera

You don’t know where to put your hands, your feet.. or just your self!

Or maybe you’re self conscious about a specific part of your body, so you let the camera take control of your life, instead of the other way around.

I Have One Go-To Pose I Use For Every Photo

Yes girl! It’s great to have a favorite pose.

However, if your entire social media just shows you in the same pose over, and over, and over again-- That's pretty boring, right?

Your digital presence should showcase ALL of your personality— not just one side and one angle! 

I Cringe When “New Tagged Photo” Pops Up On Social Media

We’ve all been there, and we’ve all seen the memes. You may have felt like you had the perfect outfit, and your hair and make up was flawless—

but as soon as you see a tagged photo you wonder, “WHO IS THIS? OH WAIT... THAT'S ME?!”

I Get Anxious When Someone Wants to Take My Picture

Photos should be about capturing life’s best moments-- not a source of anxiety!

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Did you raise your hand to (any) or all the above?
...you are SO in the right place.

Here's a secret most "photogenic" people won't tell you....

Posing for photos is just like learning any other skill.
Yes, it’s a SKILL. Just like playing basketball, or knitting, or chess.

You have to know where to start, learn the fundamentals, and then practice that skill until you master it.

…and this guide will give you 101 ways to do that!

Here's What's Included...
  • 101 Standing, Sitting and Lying Down Poses Plus a glossary with detailed instructions breaking down each pose!

  • 49 Pages of Expert Advice I’m sharing the secrets celebs and influencers use to look their best in front of the camera.

  • Tips for Developing Camera Confidence Get ready for a mindset shift and learn actionable tips to help you grow your confidence!

  • The 5 Fundamentals of Great Photos Learning these 5 fundamentals will take your photos from “okay” to “EPIC!”

  • Tips for Incorporating Your Outfit Into Your Pose and other strategies for adding movement to your photos.

Regular Price $49

Get It For $17!

Can you do something for me?

Take a minute and imagine that you...
Never have to *guess* what to do when the camera comes out
You have a handful of poses you’re ready to show off the *second* your friend pulls out their phone to take a photo.
Have a hard time deciding which photo to post on social media
…because there are SO MANY you LOVE!

You can’t narrow it down and have to use the carousel feature on your Instagram to show them all off.
Look confident and authentic in all your photos
Gone are the days of fake smiles, and stiff awkwardness! You’re able to show off the most badass, authentic version of yourself.
Never run out of posing ideas

So your social media presence is just as varied and vibrant as you are IRL!

Actively enjoy life’s major events, without worrying if you’ll like the photos you’re in
Make event anxiety a thing of the past! After all, photos should *add* to the experience of a fun event— not take away from it!
Here's the deal...
You can have all this, and more
...And this guide will teach you how!

I want to introduce you to my secret weapon...

101 Ways to Pose
101 Ways to Pose is a first of its kind digital posing guide that breaks down 101 easy and flattering poses you can try out today.
This guide will be your source for inspiration, ensuring that you find *your* go-to poses and show up as the best version of yourself in front of the camera!

Regular Price $49

Yours Today for Only $17
Who is this posing wizard?
Nice to meet you, I'm Christine Buzan!

I help women of all backgrounds, ages, shapes and sizes take the best photos of their lives, so they can feel confident in front of the camera and actively enjoy life's big events without having to worry about how they'll look on the internet!

"I worked closely with Christine at the beginning of my journey of being an influencer. She taught me to think about everything from the way my legs were positioned while sitting, to what to do with my awkward hands. Some of my favorite photos on my Instagram were captured by her, and by the looks of them, people actually thought I was a print model, haha! When it comes to the art of posing, Christine just knows what works."
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Xania J. - Atlanta, GA.

Questions? I've got answers!
How long do I have access to the guide?

After paying, you’ll receive an email with a downloadable link. The guide is yours… forever!

I hate taking photos. Will this guide help me?

Yes! I’ve found that the more confident we are in doing something-- the more we enjoy doing it. This guide doesn’t just show you poses, it teaches you the fundamentals necessary to make sure you feel confident front of the camera.

Couldn't I just find this information for free online?

Sure, but it would take A LOT of time! This e-book simplifies it for you--not only by showing you the poses visually, but also including detailed instructions.

What Is Your Refund Policy?

Since this is a digital product that you receive immediately upon purchase, it is non-refundable.

What's Included In This E-Book...

49 Pages of Images + Expert Posing Tips
101 Sitting, Standing and Lying Down Poses + Detailed Posing Breakdowns
Tips for Boosting Camera Confidence

The 5 Fundamentals of Great Photos

Strategies for Adding Movement + Making Your Poses Natural

$49 Value
for only $17!
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